Meet Our Vet Techs

Read about the background and experiences of our veterinary technicians at Paradise Animal Hospital so that you feel comfortable before you and your pet even arrive at your appointment!

Lead Technician- Anca Thompson

Anca has worked at Paradise Animal Hospital for since January of 2015, but she has been in the vet field for 18 years. She shares her home with her two cats, Riley and Tater, and two chihuahuas, Pete and Tyson. Anca is originally from Romania and moved to California, USA in 2005, before receiving her RVT in 2009. Her favorite thing in the vet world is making a difference in an animal’s life, and outside of work, she enjoying cooking and tending to her succulents.

Linda Reeves, R.V.T.

Linda has been in the veterinary field for 29 years, and at Paradise for 27 ½ years! She has two pitbulls, Mya and Zelda, and one cat named Kitty Puss. She adores the animals she works with and takes personal satisfaction in creating a low-stress environment and helping them become well again. Linda follows a vegan diet for the health of herself, the animals, and the planet and she loves hiking with her dogs.

Kim Polleys

Kimmie has worked at Paradise for 16 years, and has been in the vet field for 20 years! She currently has seven rescue cats, ranging from 5 months to 14 years old. Kimmie loves the ever-changing speed of the vet field. She loved to learn new procedures and enjoys the fact that every day is different. She loves to spent time with her clients, and be able to educate them. Outside of work, Kimmie loves to shop, spend time with her family, watch movies, and listen to music.

Emma Natal-Pheobus

Emma has worked in the veterinary field for 12 years and at Paradise for three years. She has one calico cat, one cat/dog, and two chihuahua mixes (named after the Lord of the Rings’ Hobbits). Emma is from Brazil and enjoys working with the Paradise team, and outside of Paradise enjoys drawing, puzzles, photography, and the Foo Fighters.

Monique McDuffie

Moe has been at Paradise since March of 2015 and has been in the vet field since 2005. She has one cat named Maya. She loves to give comfort to the animals and help make people laugh. She loves to spend time with her family outside of work.

Alyssa Lynch

Ally has been in the veterinary field for 15 years and at Paradise since August 2017. She currently has three cats, two dogs, and two guinea pigs. Her favorite thing about her job is helping clients’ family members when they can’t and she enjoys learning about internal medicine and feline behavior. Outside of work, she enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking, and singing.

Alli Payne

Andrea Howard

Andrea has been working as a veterinary assistant for 32 years. Very early in her professional life, she decided to make veterinary medicine a lifelong career due to her intense compassion and drive to help animals in need. Andrea worked in Pennsylvania from 1985 to 2008, when she then became a military spouse, which afforded the opportunity to work all over the United States, including 4 years in emergency medicine. After moving to Maryland at the end of 2016, she was drawn to Paradise because of its dedication to progressive veterinary care and its importance to animal welfare. She is committed to helping educate pet owners of the need for veterinary care and the services animal care professionals can provide.
Andrea enjoys spending her free time traveling with her husband and loving on her two dogs and three cats, Evee, Munchkin, Sorren, Ditto, and Forrest. She also enjoys outdoor adventures, home DIY projects, and gardening.