Parasite Prevalence

Baltimore County Parasite Prevalence

Due to a warm winter, parasite prevalence is at an all-time high right now. To help keep you educated, we’ve gathered the parasite count data for our county and will be updating it each month.

Using a preventative product on your pet is the first step to keeping your pet and your family safe from parasites. For information, please call our office.


Baltimore County


Lyme Disease: 491
Ehrlichiosis: 113
Anaplasmosis: 162
Roundworm: 161
Hookworm: 220
Whipworm: 65
Giardia: 429
Heartworm: 38


Roundworm: 69
Hookworm: 7
Whipworm: N/A
Giardia: 40
Feline Heartworm AB: 2
Feline Heartworm AG: 0
FeLV: 13
FIV: 21