Animal Safety and Protection Month

October was deemed National Animal Safety and Protection Month by the PALS Foundation to promote treating animals with kindness and care. We encounter animals in our everyday lives even if we don’t own any. Whether it is a wild or domestic animal, please treat them all with the same respect and courtesy you would to a human. They can’t speak up for themselves so we have to do it for them.

There are many ways you can participate in National Animal Safety and Protection Month. Some are as simple as bringing your pet to the veterinarian regularly to ensure they live a long, healthy live. Others are more in depth and require you to create an evacuation/disaster plan should an emergency occur.

Other ways you can participate in this event include:
• Microchipping your pet
• Making your pet wear a collar with identification tags on it
• Calling and getting help for injured wildlife
• Volunteer at your local animal shelter
• Pet-proofing your home (electrical wires, small toys/clothing items they can choke on or that may obstruct their bowels, candles, toxic foods and plants)
• Adopt a pet (but please do not adopt a pet for someone else. Owning a pet is a big responsibility and must be a decision the owner makes for him or herself)
• Donating money or supplies to a shelter (blankets, pet food, pet beds, etc)
• Educate your children and family on how to properly treat an animal
• Have a pet first aid kit
• Getting pet insurance. Having to choose between getting your pet good veterinary care and maintaining financial stability is never something we want you to experience. Visit our Trupanion page for information on getting a free 30-day trial
• Securing your pets properly when traveling
• Giving your pet a nutritious and balanced diet

The list goes on and we hope you’re able to come up with some creative ideas on your own!