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Water Therapy

Water therapy, also called underwater treadmill therapy, is among the most effective of therapies for post-op canines, or pets with orthopedic, neurological, and geriatric conditions associated with muscle weakness. The therapy involves the use of an underwater treadmill, where animals are able to practice (and ultimately regain) motion and flexibility. At Paradise Animal Hospital, our water therapy program is one of the area’s best. Our treadmill is located in a spacious 18 x 6 x 4 heated therapy pool (rather than a tank), which allows a therapist to be in the water with every patient. Animals are lowered into the pool on the treadmill alongside a trainer. Then they exercise alongside that trainer throughout the entire session. Even the most water-anxious animals are at ease with our facilities.

At Paradise Animal Hospital, water therapy is utilized with many of our post-op and neurological patients. To date, we’ve seen dramatic results in virtually all of our patients.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy (also called “cold laser therapy”) involves the use of a cold laser light applied directly to the affected tissue. It’s a non-invasive, painless form of therapy that works to heal compromised tissue, increase blood circulation, and manage pain. Each session takes between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the animal’s size and medical condition, and is utilized with many of our post-op, pain management, and neurologic patients.

Physio Tape

Physio tape can be used as either a sole or adjunctive treatment in canine therapy, helping to reduce and control pain, manage swelling and edema, increase joint range of motion and improve muscle function. It also helps maintain a level of functionality and comfort for the dog throughout injury rehabilitation.

Physio tape lifts the skin and fascia which improves the space between muscle bellies, skin / fascia and between fascial planes itself which allows the body to have better circulation.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy involves using the therapist’s hands to locate and address areas that are painful. Our certified rehabilitation practitioners are trained to utilized these techniques, which include joint mobilizations (major and minor), trigger point treatment, and specific stretching techniques.

Custom Orthotic

An Orthopets Orthosis is a custom made brace for your pet that can support a weakened or painful joint.

It is fabricated specifically for each individual patient. An orthosis also reduces pain and lameness along with providing support and comfort. Check out our Orthopets Link here.

Athletic Training

If you’re looking to improve your dog’s athletic performance, Paradise Animal Hospital has the canine rehabilitation and sports medicine program you’re looking for. Our athletic training is goal-based, with training programs centered around your dog’s specific sport. We focus on balancing your dog’s body movements and mechanics.

Continence Care

Many patients who have suffered spinal cord injuries lose the ability to manage their own elimination. At Paradise Animal Hospital, we employ a number of techniques, including medication, coaching, and assistive care, to help manage your pet's incontinence and improve their quality of life.

Land Therapy

Land therapy is a collection of training exercises that take place on the ground, in an open space. It involves the stimulation of an animal’s independent, unsupported movements with “game-style” workouts like pole mazes, sit-to-stand, hill climbing, and more. Land therapy exercises focus on strength, balance, speed, and flexibility, and are designed to reintroduce lifestyle wellness. At Paradise Animal Hospital, many of our therapy regiments include a moderate land therapy component targeted to the needs of our patients. Continued practice of these exercises is done at home by the pet owner. Intensive land therapy done at our facility is most appropriate for our boarded patients or those with serious medical or neurological conditions.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of our patient’s favorite forms of treatment. It reduces pain, eases anxiety, and enables the therapist to localize where the animal is feeling discomfort. With professional massage, soft tissue stimulation can directly impact an animal’s overall mobility and health. At Paradise Animal Hospital in Catonsville, we provide massage therapy to all of our patients undergoing therapy treatments.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) prompts muscles to contract through the use of a low level electrical current. The painless, non-invasive currents are used for pain management, as well as muscle activation and preservation. NMES therapy is most common in our neurologic patients.

Pain Management

At Paradise Animal Hospital, our pain management programs are composed of a variety of therapies, custom-fitted to address your pet’s specific needs. Our pain management programs are designed to provide both immediate and long-lasting results, and can improve the overall quality of your pet’s life.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound enables our therapists to send targeted sound waves directly into an animal’s damaged tissue areas. Through repeated treatments, this therapy helps to heal tissue found in the muscles, joints, and bones.

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