Tailored Wellness Programs at Paradise Animal Hospital in Catonsville

Plans to Meet the Needs of Pets at Each Stage of Life

While we like to think that we can understand our pets and their needs, sometimes we don’t pick up when something is wrong with them. Because pets age at a rate much faster than humans, it is important that they are cared for properly and each year is a great year. In getting your pet examined once a year, it can help prevent future health issues and treat any underlying or undetected health issues. At Paradise Animal Hospital in Catonsville, we offer a variety of Paws4Wellness plans tailored to meet your pet’s individual needs and to keep it cost effective.

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Paws4Wellness Program

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing wellness program, our new Paws4Wellness program might be right for you. Broken out into three wellness plans, this new program addresses the needs of cats and dogs of all ages and includes key examinations, vaccinations, and the most comprehensive preventative care and early disease detection.

The benefits of the Paws4Wellness program include:

  • Necessary preventative care: Through this plan, your pet will receive necessary care at every stage of his or her life
  • Cost effectiveness: Through this plan, you will save money by spreading the cost of the preventative care across 12 months
  • Happier and healthier pets: Through this plan, our experienced veterinarians will be able to detect any diseases, prevent health problems, and vaccinate against possible illnesses, which will enable your cat to live a long and healthy life

If you are interested in signing up for a Paws4Wellness plan, please fill out and submit our enrollment form.

Our paws4wellness program is broken out into 3 comprehensive plans listed below.

Our Three Paws4Wellness Plans

Because pets of different ages require different treatment and preventative care, we’ve designed wellness plans tailored to meet each pet’s needs at varying ages.

Puppy and Kitten Wellness (The First Year of Life)

Young dogs and cats deserve extra attention and care, which is why our puppy and kitten wellness programs provide the advice you need. When you sign up for this program, our veterinarians not only check to make sure that your puppy or kitten is growing properly, but we also share our best practices for raising healthy pets that live long, healthful lives.

For a monthly payment of $56 after a $50 one-time enrollment fee for puppies and a monthly payment of $45 after a $50 one-time enrollment fee for kittens, this plan includes:

  • 4 wellness examinations (3 wellness examinations for kittens)
  • 4 complimentary additional examinations to be used as needed
  • 2 intestinal parasite screenings
  • 2 deworming treatments
  • Feline Leukemia/FIV testing
  • Early disease detection screening—chemistry and complete blood count
  • Core vaccinations as recommended by veterinarian—these may include DHPP, Bordetella, Lyme, and Rabies
  • 4 complimentary nail trims (3 complimentary nail trims for kittens)
  • 10% off a purchase of 6- or 12-month supply of heartworm and flea/tick preventative medications (single doses allowed)
  • 10% off rehabilitation services

Optional services for this plan include:

  • Microchip and registration services ($5.23/month)
  • 1 OR 2 Leptospirosis vaccinations ($3.38/month each)
  • 1 OR 2 influenza vaccinations ($4.70/month each)
  • 1 OR 2 Feline leukemia vaccinations ($3.41/month each)
  • Heartworm and tick-borne disease test ($5.22/month)
  • Spay or neuter procedure—includes IV catheter and fluids, anesthesia, monitoring, injectable medications, and an e-collar (does not include take home medications or additional fees if pet is cryptorchid, pregnant, or in-heat) ($42.30/month for spay and $41.25/month for neuter for puppies and $25.05/month for spay and $14.09/month for neuter for kittens)

Complete Care Plan (1+ years of age)

The Complete Care Plan, designed for dogs and cats that are less than seven years of age, provides our veterinarians with an important baseline from diagnostic tests. As time goes on, we compare new results with past ones to uncover hidden changes in your pet’s health.

See comparison sheet below for what is included in this plan.

With this plan, pet owners can opt-in to add additional optional services, including:

  • Routine dental procedure: $57.38/month for dogs and $42/month for cats, which includes full mouth radiographs, IV catheter and fluids, anesthesia, monitoring, and injectable medications. It does not include extractions, oral surgery, additional anesthesia, or take-home medications.
  • Initial Lyme vaccine: $3.15/month per pet.
  • FIV/Feline leukemia testing: $4.80/month for cats.
  • Feline leukemia vaccination (initial and booster): $3.41/month for cats.

Advanced Care Plan (1+ years of age)

Our Advanced Care Plan is open to pets of all ages after their first year of life but is particularly beneficial to geriatric pets (7+ years). Older pets need special tests and exams to catch age-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, Cushing’s, and other medical issues.

Our veterinarians at Paradise Animal Hospital in Catonsville have developed a special wellness plan that addresses the needs of senior pets. Through this wellness plan, our veterinarians will perform detailed physical exams, diagnostic blood work, and urine testing. Additionally, they may recommend an ultrasound, electrocardiograph (ECG) or radiographs (x-rays).

See comparison sheet below for what is included in this plan.

With this plan, pet owners can opt-in to add additional optional services, including:

  • Eye pressure examinations: $3.43/month per pet.
  • ProBNP screening for cats: $11.40/month.

See Plan Break Down PDF For More Information

pdf preview

If you are interested in signing up for any of our available Paws4wellness plans, please fill out and submit our enrollment form.

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