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Are you going to be taking your pet overseas? Or even to another state? In order to bring your pet across state or international borders, or onto an airplane, there are a number of requirements that must be completed. Here are some tips about planning for all types of travel.

International Travel

Contact Paradise Animal Hospital as early as possible to inform us of your travel plans. We will put you in touch with our Pet Travel Coordinator who will assist you through this process. Our coordinator will: contact the local Veterinary Services Area Office to obtain the detailed requirements for your destination country, assist you in setting up an appointment with an accredited veterinarian at Paradise Animal Hospital for an examination of your pet and to fill out necessary paperwork.

You should also read the following information so that you are fully informed about your destination country’s requirements:

  • List of specific country requirements for animal importation:
  • List of consulates to further inform you of your destination’s requirements:
  • Many countries require endorsement of international health certificates by a USDA official veterinarian. This means that you will need to either send all of your paperwork or go in person to the Veterinary Services Area Office before you travel. This will occur AFTER your visit to Paradise Animal Hospital. The phone # for our local VS Area Office is: (804) 343-2560

Call your airline. Every airline has its own requirements for pet travel. They may specify the need for certain certificates and may only allow travel of pets in specific types of crates or at certain times of year because of outside temperatures

Note: The paperwork for international travel is very time-sensitive. Please start this process as early as possible to ensure that everything is completed at the appropriate time. Although we will do everything to assist you in this process, the acquisition and completion of all paperwork is the pet owner’s responsibility.

For more information, contact us by calling (410) 777-5309 today!

Travel to the European Union

The EU has specific requirements for animal importation. You should follow the steps above, and also familiarize yourself with the information found on the website listed below.

The website summarizes the EU’s requirements. Scroll down to the section on “Pets”. The EU Health Certificate can be downloaded at the end of this section. Click on the link to the PDF for “Pet dogs, cats and ferrets” (non-commercial movement of five or less animals).

Interstate Travel

Every state his its own requirements for importation of pets. Most require a health certificate and proof of rabies vaccination. Additionally, most airlines have their own requirements for pet travel. You should take the following steps:

  • Contact Paradise Animal Hospital and ask to speak to our Pet Travel Coordinator. The coordinator will walk you through the process.
  • Please see this website for details about each state:
  • You can also contact the State Animal Health Official of the destination state. List of SAHO’s are at:
  • Call your airline. Every airline has its own requirements for pet travel. They may specify the need for certain certificates and may only allow travel of pets in specific types of crates or at certain times of year because of outside temperatures.

Re-entry to USA

The Center for Disease Control requires that pets be vaccinated for rabies more than 30 days before entry into the US. If the pet does not meet this requirement, entry may be allowed but a period of confinement may be required. Beyond this, requirements for entry depend on the state in which you are arriving.

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